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RL Counsel can assist you from the moment you come up with a business project, to the process of project implementation, and throughout your day-to-day operations.




We represent clients in matters that cross an array of areas of law and industries. Our experience continues to grow with the needs of our clients, and our lawyers are constantly adapting to new challenges and expanding the depth and breadth of our practice.


Banking & Project Financing

RL Counsel helps clients with structuring financial transaction and fund-raising, preparing and negotiating financing and security documents together with giving advice and opinion on related legal issues. We handle all aspects of finance, including bilateral and syndicated transactions, and secured and unsecured lending. With our depth of knowledge, we understand concerns of borrowers, international banks, or financial institutions, and are determined to provide our legal services to achieve our clients' business goals.


Business Strategy Planning

Nowadays, business is inseparably tied to various areas of laws. Entrepreneur, corporation, government authority or public organization inevitably faces occasions requiring them to deal with legal issues to carry on their business.


RL Counsel gives advice to clients in terms of business planning and approaches, addressing all relevant legal issues arising from the client's business issues and structuring client's investment to ensure that the client's business and legal requirements have all been met.


Capital Markets

RL Counsel assists clients wishing to raise funds from first markets by issuing various of kinds of securities and list its securities of on stock exchanges. RL Counsel also assists clients wish to re-sell its securities on secondary markets. This area of service includes advice on appropriate structure, due diligence conduct to identify risk items, review of possible connected transactions specified by law and issues of securities law.


Commercial Transactions

RL Counsel handles a full range of transactions: joint ventures and strategic alliances; substantial equity investments; sale and purchase of assets; hire purchase, lease, and hire of work etc.


Our service includes giving legal advice and services relevant to the client's business, preparing and negotiating agreements of the transactions and other related documents necessary for business operation.


Corporate Secretary

RL Counsel handles all types of company secretarial work such as formation of a company, amendment to registration particulars, and liquidation work. We also handle registrations of branch offices of foreign corporations, representative offices, regional offices, applications for US Treaty protection, and conversions to public limited companies.


Debt Restructuring

RL Counsel gives advice on and addressing all legal issues in connection with debt restructuring, both in-court and out-of-court. Our service includes preparing all legal documents and taking necessary actions to achieve the restructuring. For the in-court restructuring, we also provide service of filing of proof of claims, participating in court proceedings and attending court hearings.


We serve individuals, corporations, creditors and investors by providing "upper margin," value-added legal solutions in financial restructuring situations.


The attorneys in our team have been key advisors in many of the high-profile, complex cases during the economic crisis in Thailand since 1998. They have represented debtors, creditors, committees, and investors in successfully closing non-judicial debt restructurings and debt settlements and in business reorganization and bankruptcy cases.


In addition, we advise financially healthy companies on implementing changes to their capital or corporate structures to enhance their enterprise value and in acquiring or making investments in financially troubled companies.


Intellectual Property and Technology

RL Counsel provides advice on legal issues in connection with copyright, trademark and patent as well as other forms of intellectual property. Our service in this area includes counseling, outsourcing and licensing agreements, other transaction-related services, as well as registration of trademark and patents particularly in requirements for registration and protection of our clients' intellectual property rights.


In addition, we counsels clients on all aspects of developing and maintaining a Web site, including privacy policy and Web site support by focusing on the evolving Thai laws on information technology and e-commerce. We draft appropriate legal disclaimers, terms and conditions of use, and "click-wrap" agreements for a variety of services, including e-commerce, financial services, chat and content distribution.


International Business and Trading Transactions

RL Counsel addresses a variety of legal and administrative issues which arise in international transactions and trading such as cross-border sales of goods, delivery of services, exchange control, tax, licensing, customs, and intellectual property.


License/Work Permits

RL Counsel handles formalities in connection with employment of aliens in Thailand , including work permits, visas, and related government approvals. In this area, we address relevant Thai labor law issues and handles labor cases in the labor court.



Commercial disputes have become more and more complicated in today's challenging environment. Clients need attorneys with the experience to counsel them through such difficult problems. RL Counsel counsels and protects clients in the challenging environment.


Merely understanding the judicial proceedings is not enough. We also pay close attention to the client's commercial concerns because they sensitively affect their business in current and future situations. We give legal advice on pre-litigation issues, carefully handling and attending prosecution and enforcement proceedings, and preparing documents for litigation matters to give the best result while saving time and unnecessary costs for our clients.


Merger & Acquisition

RL Counsel assists in and gives advice to clients on a merger and acquisition, preparing relevant agreements and documentation, conducting due diligence, and recommends structures, including tax planning, for merger and acquisition to ensure that the transaction serves clients' need.



We advise on tax planning for Thai projects, such as shareholders and officers, as well as addressing all tax issues in connection with the numerous tax treaties to which Thailand is a party.